Forex CPI Candlestick Pattern Indicator By John Powell!

This Forex CPI Candlestick Pattern Indicator developed by a pro forex trader John Powell is going to make forex trading easier for you. Candlestick patterns are considered to be important trend reversal as well as trend continuation signals. The only problem is to properly recognize these trend reversal and trend continuation patterns. There are more than two dozen important candlestick trend reversal and trend continuation patterns. How do you recognize them? One way is to memorize each pattern and then try to visually identify this pattern on the chart.

A much simpler solution is to use a software that recognizes the pattern in time and alerts you. This way you don’t need to waste your time in identifying these patterns and you can utilize your time on other parts of your trading. This Forex CPI Candlestick Pattern Indicator does precisely that. Below is a screenshot of this Forex CPI Candlestick Pattern Indicator in action!

Forex CPI Indicator

As you can see this Forex CPI Indicator can tell you with a high degree of accuracy when a reversal pattern appears on the chart. When you see the Forex CPI Indicator telling you about the formation of a reversal pattern, you can plan your trade accordingly.

A word of caution regarding candlestick patterns. Always try to find confirmation with at least two more indicators after the appearance of the candlestick reversal pattern before you take a trade. Pro traders do use candlestick reversal patterns but they never take a trade solely based on these patterns. You need to find confluence with other indicators like the MACD, Stochastic or whatever indicator suits you.

Now this Forex CPI Indicator can detect 26 different candlestick patterns. So once you have installed it on your chart, you don’t need to worry much about missing a candlestick reversal pattern. This Forex CPI indicator will make trading simple and easy for you.

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