PercivalFX EA has been developed by Andrea Salvatore. PercivalFX is based on fuzzy indicators. Fuzzy indicators are a set of same indicators with different settings. When developing the PercivalFX EA strategy, Andrea Salvatore first used only one indicator changing it into a fuzzy version. The first indicator was the PSAR. It was used alongwith the Dynamic Lot Sizing Algorithm for scaling in and out of the trades. Below is a screenshot of a fuzzy indicator in action!

PercivalFX EA

The lot size will increase if the fuzzy indicators agree on the direction of the market and it will decrease if the fuzzy indicators disagree on the market direction. Andrea Salvatore is an expert programmer. He tested different pools of these fuzzy indicators to refine the basic strategy. You can read about the PercivalFX EA trading strategy, Andrea has explained it in detail on his blog about automated trading. He has also posted detailed Strategy Tester Reports of this EA on his site that you can take a detailed look. Below is another fuzzy indicator in action!

PercivalFX EA

The equity curves of PercivalFX EA trading different currency pairs seems to be smooth. If you get interested in this EA after reading the details of this fuzzy indicator strategy, you can download it and test it on the demo account. Testing the EA on the demo account will give you a fair idea of how solid this fuzzy indicator strategy is. If you get a good performance during the forward test, you can think about trading live with this PercivalFX EA.

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