Forex Infobot has made $42,480 for Rita Lasker and her Green Forex Group. Forex Infobot is neither a robot nor an indicator. On daily basis, Forex Infobot is going to recommends levels for EUR/USD and GBP/USD 1 hour timeframe to the trader at which they should open trades and close trades. TP and SL levels will also be indicated. Once a day, it will also give best conditions for one buy order and one sell order. After the system generates the two buy and sell order recommendations, you just need to enter two pending orders and that’s it. Either the pending orders will be triggered or not. Besides sending the recommended levels for opening a buy or a sell trade, Infobot also sends out signals when price approaches these levels. Infobot is based on Smart24 Forex INFO Technology plus the DUO-DYNAMIC Intrady Algorithm. Below is a screenshot of this Forex Infobot in action.

Forex Infobot

Forex Infobot is perfect for intraday traders. Average profit during the testing phase was around 59 pips. On download, you will also get a user guide which will explain in detail step by step instructions for the entire installation process. There is a 30 days money back guarantee. So you can test this Infobot on your demo account thoroughly for a few weeks.

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